Government plan to spend more money with small businesses… Like us?

Matt Hancock, the Minister for the Cabinet Office has announced an ambitious new target to get more small businesses working on central government contracts.

In 2013 to 2014, central government spent an unprecedented £11.4 billion with small and medium-sized businesses – those employing 250 employees or less. This is equivalent to 26% of central government spend.

By 2020, the government wants to increase this to a third. This would mean an extra £3 billion per year (in 2013 to 2014 terms) going to small and medium-sized firms directly or through the supply chain

It sure is exciting times to be working the in the Government IT Sector and we are delighted that people in the big office recognise how instrumental small businesses are to overcome this every evolving challenge.

You can find the full article here…

As a Specialist in IT Compliance Solutions,  this is great news for Halcyon Solutions Group and provides real enthusiasm for our team.  We are very excited to already be one of these “small businesses” and hope to continue to act as a strategic partner for government and in the private sector.

For more information on our current product range please check out our product page We will soon be ready to share with you a case study with a government partner as we continue to work on securing more similar engagements in the near future. Be sure to check back sometime or follow us on Twitter @HalcyonSol for more regular updates on Halcyon and our endeavours!