The landscape of IT is an ever-changing beast… and DevOps-Based market leaders have pushed the envelop of this principle to new heights in recent years. We would solidly argue, its now simply impossible for any one technology company to have the full breadth of market awareness that it needs to confidently advise its customers; there’s just too much going on. Halcyon Solutions Group addresses these challenges by utilising a rich ecosystem of leading edge partners that help us help our customers in areas such as cloud computing, cyber security, IoT and machine learning. We can help define IT strategy… through to business case generation.. through to proposal / work package creating. Wherever your programmes are up to, we have the skills and experience to help.


No matter whether its a new postage stamp… or a bridge between London and Las Vegas, all successful solution design boils down to the simple practice of correctly capturing requirements, qualifying them, and constructing a theoretical outcome with the customer that best addresses their needs. This is simply, the practice of ‘good solution architecture’… and at Halcyon Solutions Group, we use only experienced design consultants who are well trained in industry best practice and common architectural methodologies. But more common today than ever before, industry partners publicise their own known-prefect reference architectures… and we aggressively pursue the notion of re-using such collateral to help our customers build their desired capabilities. For the most part, our value-add to our customers is drawing together existing vendor-validated designs… and designing the integration of solutions into their existing ecosystem using open-standards and APIs wherever possible.


Your IT strategy will go a long way to dictate the overarching direction of travel and ultimately the destination of your IT… and your business practices will likely dictate the ‘how’ you get there. Our engagement specialists recognise these principles very well… and we like to make sure we properly understand both elements before making any commitments to our clients on when they’re going to get a desired outcome. Once we feel we have these pieces down, we can start to build a delivery pipeline and scheduling using an appropriate approach; be that via a waterfall methodology, or an agile one, or a combination. We will then mobilise the right people and have a vast portfolio of skilled colleagues to drawdown on. We ensure consistent communication to all nominated stakeholders throughout the delivery… and always work to milestones (developed with out customers in the early planning stages) to ensure we are on track and adding the right value from start to finish.