Transparency, Quality & Assurance

What we offer

Halcyon Solutions Group is a UK-based provider of IT recruitment services, with special focus on central government and security-sensitive clients. Between “Working on the Internet”, “Digital by Default” and “DevSecOps”, our clients are increasingly demanding skills that have been historically dominant in the private sector. That tells us they are trending-up on their technological demands and driving ever closer to the market cutting edge; and we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients on bringing these essential skills to their workforce. As a supplier on all major government frameworks (G-Cloud, DOS3, etc), we are well readied to help our clients in achieving their mission and strategic objectives.

What we promise

Halcyon is committed to delivering the best available security cleared resources to its clients via a cost effective and unique recruitment model; where we feel this model firmly represents our market USP and commitment to driving quality across the sector. We have enshrined three key principals into this model, they are:

  1. We are completely open-book with our candidates and our clients
    So everyone knows exactly what we are taking on day rates, or as part of any finders fees.
  2. We aggressively enforce a low margin model for all of our clients
    So we promise that whether we supply you one resource or one hundred, we will provide them at the lowest possible cost… and don’t forget, we will always share the margins with you.
  3. We guarantee that any contract you receive from us will be devoid of competition clauses.
    Why are we doing this? Well put simply, if we truly stand by our own values and our commitment to place candidates at their true market value without any unfair recruitment fees/margins added, we think they’ll stay with us. So put even more simply, why would we need them?