“Essentially, we’re IT cloud architecture, engineering, and security specialists that wanted to simplify IT management for today’s diverse and ever scaling challenges.”

Halcyon Solutions Group was founded in 2014 by a small team of enthusiasts who had extensive experience of delivering IT solutions and consulting in the areas of cloud architecture, service design, system security and service management; with a specialism of delivering such capabilities for government agencies and the UK intelligence sector. With a sizeable and diverse track record of operating in this space, the company sought to use its experiences to develop a portfolio of products and services that would increase IT business agility, whilst reducing operating complexity and cost.

With increased financial pressures across all IT industries, but particularly in the UK public sector, the need to ‘lower the bar to entry’ has never been more prevalent for IT decision makers, whilst balancing that need against a backdrop of maintaining essential IT security and up-time for critical systems. Halcyon Solutions Group takes these challenges head-on with its specialised product line that provide agile back-end IT management and monitoring systems that demonstrate sizeable in-year savings and reduced TCO.

In 2017, Halcyon Solutions Group started to build out its consultancy and recruitment services portfolio. As a trusted partner to many sensitive clients, they were increasingly looking to us to provide access to short-term resources… and to help in meeting the various needs of projects and programmes; across both technical and non-technical delivery.

Halcyon Solutions Group recognises innovation and agility as key to meeting the demands of a dynamic IT market; delivering viable products and services today, whilst anticipating the needs of tomorrow.


Our highly experienced and professional team will ensure you get the very best expertise resulting in exceptional outcomes. Every client is unique, so we take a bespoke approach to working with organisations; customising concepts and strategies to fit specific needs.

We are experts in:

  • Cloud Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Security and Service Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Technical Transformation

If you want the confidence of working with true professionals, total confidentiality, and the security of a dependable and productive partnership, please talk to us.

Neil CookeCEO & Chief Strategic Officer
Neil is one of the UK public sectors’ leading cloud SMEs and possesses the rare ability to combine business focus and strategic awareness with market knowledge and leading-edge technical capabilities. As CEO of Halcyon Solutions Group, Neil brings more than a decade of experience in advising at the board/CXO-level on technical adoption and realising business benefit through IT.
Doubling as Chief Strategic Officer, he also oversees all aspects of product strategy and R&D. Neil’s expertise and insight made it possible to create a family of innovative IT management products built on cloud architecture and first-in-their-class technologies; leagues ahead of their nearest competitor.
Mark DaviesChief Technology Officer
Mark Davies has worked in the IT Industry for nearly 20 years, 10 of which have been focussed on the secure government arena. Mark has acquired a great eye for identifying solutions gaps and as such has a renowned reputation as a leading technical and solutions architect in both the public and private sector.
As CTO of Halcyon Solutions Group, Mark ensures that all solutions developed under his management are both innovative and in line with all government level security principals and standards.